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    Mark Robinson has been fishing the Sabine River and the Toledo Bend Reservoir since it was created back in 1968. Many changes have occurred in the lake's structure and diversity during the almost 45 years he has spent fishing its abundant habitat. Initially he fished for just about anything that would bite a hook, often catching multiple species each outing.
    Then bass fishing took over as "the priority "as the years pasted. Mark fished the lakes of Louisiana and Texas as a competitive bass tournament fisherman for many years.
    For the past 20 years he has established a reputation as a renowned lodge owner and fishing guide at Toledo Bend. And the lake is the only thing changed: Mark's primary interest has switched from the wily black bass to the more abundant species of crappie and white bass.
    Mark says he used to go on fishing trips for black bass; now he goes on "catching trips" for crappie and white bass.
    Toledo Bend is a large sprawling 186,000 acre reservoir. Mark has spent years on the north end of the lake, which includes its source, the Sabine River. He has become very familiar with its varied types of structure, and the influence of this submerged landscape on fish habitat. This knowledge of where, and when, to look for fish is the key to success in producing great catches for his clients.
    Mark Robinson can provide an unmatched quality professional guide service for groups of up to 16 fishermen.
    Let Mark make all the arrangements for your next fishing.... .(make that catching!) outing."

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